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A comedic short film

Bree Torres is a 28-year-old workaholic and advertising exec who decides to explore her fraught relationship with sex and pleasure, after being tasked to manage the agency's newest client: a sex toy company. 


SHORT FILM SYNOPSIS:  28-year-old Bree is fine. She's a respected brand manager at an advertising agency, lives in a sunny apartment, and her roommate is also her best friend. Sure she's going through an extended quarter-life crisis and is single AF, but that’s what birth charts and dating apps are for. So when Bree is tasked to manage a new sexual wellness account at work, her roommate Abby, encourages Bree to explore her relationship with her body. Through this, Bree begins to question everything she’s learned (and hasn’t learned) about sex, pleasure and desire. But after a series of mishaps, false starts and few bad dates with a guy named Chris, Bree decides to take matters into her own hands… literally. 


I'm 28, single, and the only man that is regularly calling my phone is Paco from Sallie Mae.  - Bree

And...you've never had an orgasm. Don't forget that. - Abby


Chauntice Green 

  • Chauntice Green

Courtney Thomas 

  • Courtney Thomas

Jerimiyah Dunbar

  • Jerimiyah Dunbar


1st Draft: November 2018 
Team Assembled: June 2019  
Shoot Date:
March 2020
Shoot Canceled: March 2020 
Team Back Together: June 2021 
Shoot Date Part 2: August 2021 
Picture Lock: October 2021 
Post Complete: January 2022


Taylor Henriquez
Writer & EP


Krystina Christiansen


Kate Oliva
Producer & EP

Taylor Henriquez is a freelance producer and writer whose mission is to create scripted and unscripted programming that leans on traditionally unspoken topics, including race, money, sexual and mental health, through underrepresented voices. 


Based in Los Angeles, by way of Atlanta and New York City, Taylor develops, produces and directs unscripted series and podcasts, most recently for Hulu, ViacomCBS, Discovery Inc. and Tastemade. 


Additional programming and editorial work can be seen and read on Nickelodeon, AwesomenessTV, Food Network digital, Bon Appétit, Eater and Teen Vogue. 



With a background in PR, music, and law Krystina began in film development as a legal intern. After three semesters of soul disintegrating socratic teaching she dropped out of law school to pursue a creative career. Her parents were thrilled.


Since, she's produced, directed, and written short docs, scripted shorts, music videos, proof of concepts for TV and film, web series, branded digital media, corporate videos, higher educational content, EPK's, live events, and commercials for China, India, and US markets. 


In 2020, Krystina was named as a finalist for Sony Picture TV's Rising Storytellers search with Gemstone Studios 


Kate Oliva is an LA-based writer, producer, mother of four (furry beasts), and daughter of two (humans). She has developed, written, produced, and directed award-nominated web series, short films, docs, branded content, corporate videos, immersive online education, live events, and campaign spots for progressive female candidates. The through line of her work is a focus on amplifying new and underserved voices, creating positive social impact, and (hopefully) making audiences laugh. She puts a premium on working with, learning from, and supporting artists who want to create these narratives. 



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